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Mykonos Riviera: the best luxury hotel next to Mykonos Town

04 July 2019

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The exterior and the crystal clear pool of the luxury Mykonos Riviera Hotel and Spa.

An iconic setting with labyrinth streets and alleyways; whitewashed, sugar cube houses; cute windmills and red roofed little churches. Gold beaches with deep blue waters. A signature, glamorous lifestyle with never ending parties, magnums of champagne and paparazzo- hunted celebrities. A host of ancient myths and contemporary legends.deletei. These are some of the traits that make Mykonos the place to be in the Mediterranean. Indeed joys abound, whilst come in many shapes and sizes in the island of the winds. And it is only natural that you’ll want to make the very best of your holiday here. The first step is by selecting the accommodation that shall likely provide you with the most authentic, immersive and enjoyable experience possible.

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Contemporary Lebanese food in Mykonos Town

28 June 2019

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“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations”
Oscar Wilde


Very Greek chic and distinctly Cycladic, Mykonos is also a cosmopolitan melting pot where jet setters from the four corners of the planet come to meet and play. This multicultural mosaic could not be absent from the island’s world class gastronomic scene.

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Reinventing island chic at Mykonos’ newest luxury villas, maisonettes and suites with pool close to Mykonos Town

13 May 2019

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With mega yachts moored at its marinas, champagne sipping glitterati roaming its whitewashed streets and playing at its trademark blue and gold beaches, Mykonos, the Aegean’s Grand Dame, is the place to be for any celebrity who wants to be seen and hide away, at the same time.

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