Luxury Hotel events
& sunset parties in Mykonos!


A top class, elite destination with a reputation for pure indulgence, the sizzling island of the winds has been the site of some of the world’s most memorable, glamorous events that have written history.


If you want yours to be forever cherished and remembered by protagonists and guests alike, undoubtedly Mykonos is the right choice. Yet deciding on the location is one thing. Selecting a specific venue is of course another. And of critical importance too; a choice that can actually make or break your party.


Be it a fabulous wedding reception, a joyful christening, a bachelor or a fancy birthday party the brand new 5 star Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa is just the ideal spot for hosting any kind of affair. Boasting a stunning location, directly across the marina, with scintillating views of the Aegean and the world-famous Cycladic sunset, this luxury hotel next to Mykonos Town can vouch for the success of your endeavor with its trademark mix of premium services and aesthetic.


The impeccably designed pool area with the impressive rectangular infinity pool, and dazzling white marble decks, and the elegant Mykonos Riviera Pool bar constitute an exemplary backdrop for any kind of outdoor social or business event.


Likewise, the hotel’s two waterfront Mykonos restaurants, sporting exceptional vistas and a lavish environment are perfect choices for indoor or outdoor events. Our cordial, capable staff will go the extra mile to help you organize everything from A to Z: From planning, paperwork and permissions, to decorations, menu design, layout and music selection, special party favors and overall coordination. What’s more, the lucky guests will not only enjoy the party but will also love staying in the incredibly elegant and spacious brand new rooms and suites of the Mykonos Riviera.


A new, premium luxury hotel next to Mykonos town, the Mykonos Riviera is hosting a series of signature events that have already become the talk of the town. From fun, pop up poolside parties with DJ sets and glamorous sunset events with live saxophonists and jazz singers, to wine tastings and other foodies meetings, our social calendar has been rich and particularly rewarding. Stay tuned for more, as we are planning a multitude of exciting surprises in 2020!

Laveer 1 bedroom pool suite



Pool Suite

Experience the sinful pleasure of sunbathing in complete privacy under the dazzling Aegean sun, blinded by the playful sunrays reflecting on the crystal clear waters.
from: €790