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Warm your soul under the Greek sun at the best rooms and suites in Mykonos town

June 24, 2020

Life is full of little surprises. No matter what, making the most out of it is the best we can do, being open to the life lessons we get from the unexpected. And there is always something that comes to remind us of the need to appreciate every single moment of our lives and to learn to enjoy life more. Meeting new people, trying different experiences, discovering new places; making a step out of our comfort zone. “Experiences are necessary for growth; travel is good for the soul”. Travelling is indeed the most joyful gift to ourselves, a healing treatment to our inner peace of mind. Beautiful landscapes, endless sandy beaches, crystal waters, colourful cocktails, moments under the stars with your beloved ones. Here is where we come; to invite you to our paradise, the island of Mykonos. After all, heaven is a place on earth and you can discover it staying at the best rooms and suites in Mykonos town.

The best rooms and suites in Mykonos town are brand new and spacious and you can find them at Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa, the new sparkling addition on the island of the winds.

Mykonos island is a place where dreams come true. The Aegean sun, the blue skies, the sea breeze, the golden sands, the secluded beaches, the pink sunsets, the warm-hearted people; you can add numerous things to your “perfect vacation” checklist, real moments you can experience with your own eyes. What makes Mykonos so unique are the endless choices for its visitors; It is an ideal destination for every type of traveller. But whether you are the absolute sea lover spending your day sunbathing and sipping cocktails at the most popular beach clubs or a fan of culture touring around the island and discovering the “local” life, there is one place on the island that you can’t miss and that is Chora, the beautiful Mykonos town where the heart of Mykonos beats.

Narrow alleyways, picturesque streets coloured from the Cycladic palette of white and blue, little cafes and restaurants hidden in its charming labyrinth, a paradise for shopping lovers, the party hub for fun seekers, the place to see and to be seen when the sun sets till the early sunrise.

Luckily enough, only a few minutes away from the beautiful yet noisy Mykonos town, you can find your nest and relax at our brand new luxury hotel in Mykonos, the Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa. With a chic marine theme and an impeccable design, Mykonos Riviera can only boast for proposing to its guests the best rooms and suites in Mykonos town with the most magnificent views.


Enjoy the feeling of the Mykonos vibe throughout your stay on the island when choosing to stay at the best rooms and suites in Mykonos town!

Built to make the difference, the newest luxury hotel Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa promises to make your Mykonos experience unique. Ideally located just a breath away from Mykonos town and right opposite the marina, the hub of the all-time sea lovers, Mykonos Riviera has more than what you are looking for your accommodation. 74 spacious rooms and suites designed with a sleek nautical touch including a rope motif and splashes of blue enliven the all-white palette. If you have always dreamt of the perfect sunset, try a room with a private outdoor hot tub or spoil yourself at one of the newly-built suites raising the luxury experience to the next level boasting an outdoor hot tub or a private pool, while some even offer a private gym and a mini spa.


Sharing your luxury accommodation with your friends and family while keeping your privacy is now possible at the best rooms and suites in Mykonos town that you can find at Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa.

Whether you are travelling on your own, as a couple or celebrating a special moment with your friends and family, Mykonos Riviera always has an option for you. Its spacious suites and maisonettes with a maximum capacity of 9 guests can be your ultimate solution for your sweet vacay with your loved ones, offering you the comfort of privacy when you feel the need of your own space to relax and unwind.

And if you cannot think of your special Mykonos vacation without any of your best friends, why not get into the temptation to check our newest Mykonos Riviera 8 bedroom villa, perched on the highest point of the Mykonos Riviera resort, affording the most captivating panoramic vistas of the endless horizon and the charming Mykonos Town. Sporting a private area of 490 sqm (5200 sqft) with a private pool, a large terrace and with a maximum capacity of 30 guests, the Mykonos Riviera new 8 bedroom villa is the absolute accommodation, ensuring privacy and the utmost comfort with all the services of a 5* hotel.


Travel to Mykonos and book your favourite accommodation among the best rooms and suites in Mykonos Town!

Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa is built with respect to its guests and a deep desire to offer an authentic Mykonos experience. Relaxing moments by the infinity starlit pool, tasteful Mediterranean delights at the Pool Club restaurant, inspired cocktails at the Pool Sunset Bar, traditional hammam rituals and rejuvenating massages at the Oqua Spa, romantic moments under the stars at LAFS restaurant, kind-hearted people with a warm smile next to you from the very first moment of your arrival. This is Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa.

Enjoying life is more important than ever. Allow yourself the joy of the unexpected and we will be waiting for you, to surprise you with the best. Happiness is…a ticket to Mykonos and it is only a click away.

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