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A sizzling getaway to the best suites accommodation in Mykonos

February 27, 2020
Double bed in a bedroom with two open windows leading to a private pool area in Mykonos Riviera.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. But why limit your display of affection to one particular date? True love deserves to be celebrated at all times. This is what keeps the flame alive! And what could be more exhilarating than a sizzling getaway to Mykonos? The Mediterranean’s hip party queen can be one of the most seductively romantic destinations worldwide, under the right circumstances.

Get the best out of your Mykonos experience with the best suites accommodation in Mykonos

Let’s begin with the basics. How should you go about maximizing your Mykonos experience? By choosing a befitting base for starters. Built directly across the new marina, just 2 km from scenic Chora with commanding views of the Aegean and the world-famous Cycladic sunset, the Mykonos Riviera is the latest entry in the island’s glamorous hotel scene. Combining proximity -and easy access!- to the action both in town and at the south coast’s famed beach bars, with utmost privacy and indulgence, the Mykonos Riviera moreover offers some of the best rooms and the best suites accommodation in Mykonos. Which brings us to the subject of cliches. In theory, the most romantic thing to do is to get away from it all, you and your sweetheart alone. Indeed you may savor this experience even in the party central that is Mykonos. Especially if you opt to reside at the Riviera Mykonos Town Luxury Hotel & Spa: Epitomizing the concept of easy living, this premium Mykonian establishment is particularly well suited to romance for two: From sundowners in the pool sunset bar against a burning, tangerine sky to candlelit private meals, and dinners under the stars at Lafs restaurant or scintillating couple’s treatments at the luxurious Oqua Spa, you’ll certainly have plenty of opportunities to fall in love all over again. But just imagine how much fun experiencing all this on a double date away is going to be. Embarking on a holiday with a friendly couple is the newest trend in travel getaways and a foolproof recipe for good times. Let us explain why:


Double date away at the best suites accommodation in Mykonos: A romantic and fun experience

Mykonos means parties from dusk to dawn, next to beautiful people, at the beach, on the tables, by the pool. Strolling arm in arm in Chora’s labyrinth streets or sipping cocktails in whitewashed verandahs is surely a great way to spend one’s evening. Yet celebrity-spotting, designer-shopping, and bar-hopping become so much more entertaining when you have your soul mate and your favorite friendly couple(s) along. And these are favorite Mykonian pastimes, no visitor should go without.


Mykonos is also synonymous with opulence and glamour. To fully leverage your double date away you should choose your lodgings carefully: Distinctly spacious and elegantly appointed in a refreshing nautical theme, the Mykonos Riviera suites come with plenty of tricks up their sleeves: Like mesmerizing sea views, handmade mattresses and Occitane or Aqua di Parma cosmetics, the latest home comforts including Marshall speakers, lightning scenarios to match your mood, separate living areas, outdoor lounges with designer sunbeds, private pools or outdoor hot tubs and in some cases even their own spas, high tech gyms, BBQ’s and state of the art kitchens. From the junior suite to the mast one-bedroom suite, and the marina one-bedroom pool suite, Anchor courtyard pool suite, Laveer one-bedroom pool suite, signature spa suite or the Eccentric two-bedroom pool suite, these are undoubtedly the best suites accommodation in Mykonos. Offering the lap of luxury but utmost privacy too. Indoors and outdoors, so that each individual guest may follow different schedules without being disturbed or disturbing the others. After all, you’ll be wanting some time alone with your object of affection, whilst on a double date away!


Best villa, best rooms, best maisonettes and best suites accommodation in Mykonos

Apart from the best suites accommodation in Mykonos, the Riviera moreover features a collection of premium maisonettes hosting up to 9 visitors, and an extraordinary 8 bedroom villa unfolding into 500 sqm (5382 sq ft), and sleeping up to 29 guests in supreme comfort and style. So if you are looking to take the double date away concept on a whole different level, you might as well invite all your friends to come along on this holiday: You’ll engage in some serious Mykonos-style partying, but also get to enjoy ample opportunities for romance at the Mykonos Riviera. Sporting large, thoughtfully designed spaces the Mykonos Riviera maisonettes and villa allow for privacy and seclusion, ensuring no one gets disturbed.


Simply put, this means you ‘ll have the best of both worlds: Depending on the moment’s mood you may take your better half on an island tour armed with a chef-curated picnic basket or impress them with a wine degustation. Or you may choose to bond with your friends over a private BBQ or a cooking class at your accommodation’s cocooned premisses, at the Mykonos Riviera 200 sqm (2153 sq ft) infinity pool, at the state of the art fitness club or at the Pool Club.


There are so many things to experience at the Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa, you’ll be spoiled for choice. One thing is however certain: Memories of this getaway in Mykonos shall be bringing huge smiles on your face in the years to come.

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