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Contemporary Lebanese food in Mykonos Town

June 28, 2019
Large dining table and stylish chairs in Lafs Restaurant in Mykonos Riviera hotel & spa.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations”
Oscar Wilde


Very Greek chic and distinctly Cycladic, Mykonos is also a cosmopolitan melting pot where jet setters from the four corners of the planet come to meet and play. This multicultural mosaic could not be absent from the island’s world class gastronomic scene.

And while eating Greek is certainly a palatable experience, at times you ‘d like to sample something different. This can be far removed from the country’s flavors, nature and natural produce; like Japanese. Or, it can be quite similar; compatible rather than antagonistic: In terms of raw ingredients, smells and tastes, nutritional value, but also rituals and overall meaning. Like Lebanese food.


Fusing the best Lebanese food in Mykonos Town with Mediterranean’s finest ingredients

In fact where Mykonos meets Lebanon, as in the case of Lafs Restaurant at the 5 star Mykonos Riviera, the result is quite stunning:


Located at this brand new Mykonos luxury hotel’s fanciest nook in front of Mykonos’ Marina, Lafs merges some of the best Lebanese food in Mykonos Town, with the finest, locally sourced materials, in a delectable combo. Which is only complemented and enhanced by the sunset vistas and the views of the lighted cruise ships and yachts in the horizon.


This is the realm of star studded Greg Malouf: An internationally acclaimed chef who has been applauded for his contribution to the spread of the Lebanese food culture outside the confines of the country. Fusing the secrets and magic of the region’s time honored culinary tradition with modern techniques and presentation, Malouf creates at Lafs restaurant his trademark brand of a new Middle Eastern cuisine: Some of the finest Lebanese food in Mykonos Town, sophisticated and refined as much as it is delicious and packed with goodness.


Mouthwatering Lebanese food in Mykonos Town

Malouf ‘s signature salmon tartar with cracked wheat, spring onions and garlic; his roasted grouper fillet in crispy kadaif with chilli, sumac and cinnamon flavoured orange sauce; rib-eye steak with baharat spice mix, caramelized garlic butter and creamed feta with spinach; or Lafs Delice-crispy white chocolate, crumbled with green pistachio, halva and sweet brioche ice cream; are but a few of the mouth watering options. To be accompanied by selected gems from the Greek and international vineyard; or the restaurant’s signature cocktails.


Yet treasures of the palate –Lafs is being regularly recognised as serving some of the best Lebanese food in Mykonos Town– are not this restaurant’s only asset.


Blending professional, attentive service with a genuinely cosmopolitan atmosphere, at the Mykonos Riviera chic and suave eatery, you ‘ll wine and dine in style; in the open air, under the stars; whilst basking in the enchanting panorama unfolding in front of your eyes.


Combine this all senses experience with an unparalleled stay at the Mykonos Riviera luxury rooms, luscious, pool and jacuzzi suites or opulent pool maisonettes and you’re in for a great treat in a unique hotel next to Mykonos Town: One that shall be often remembered and most likely inspire you with some captivating stories to tell.

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