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Mykonos luxury villas, maisonettes and suites with pools close to Mykonos Town. Reinventing island chic at Mykonos Riviera.

May 13, 2019
Dusk at the infinity swimming pool of Mykonos Riviera hotel & luxury villas in Mykonos Town.

Jaw dropping Mykonos luxury villas. Glamorous Maisonettes. Stunning suites with pools. Mega yachts moored at its marinas, champagne sipping glitterati roaming its whitewashed streets and playing at its trademark blue and gold beaches, Mykonos, the Aegean’s Grand Dame, is the place to be for any celebrity who wants to be seen and hide away, at the same time in one of the many luxurious accommodations that are available on the island.

If an unmatched, signature amalgam of fun, glamour, chicness, opulence and the royal treatment throughout, is what you’re looking for, then this sun kissed, slice of heaven on earth is your undisputed choice.

Yet where you’ll stay whilst embarking on this delightful Mykonos adventure, is of paramount importance. Indeed choices abound at the alluring island of the winds. But then there is a difference between good and phenomenal. Mykonos Riviera Resort, a sparkling new 5 star complex of luxury villas, maisonettes and suites with pool close to Mykonos Town, is undoubtedly a superlative example of the latter.


Ultimate indulgence at the Mykonos luxury villas, maisonettes and suites with pool of Mykonos Riviera close to Mykonos Town


Advantageously located at scenic Tourlos, a few minutes from the beautiful beach of Agios Stefanos, and a lovely short stroll from the iconic Chora, the unrivalled Mykonos Riviera luxury hotel is amphitheatrically built directly across the world class marina, affording mesmerizing, almost unreal, vistas: An enchanting panorama of the big blue stretching infinitely in every direction; the croesus’ maritime super toys; and the fiery sun making a spectacular dive into the sea, painting everything orange, come nightfall.

Yet abundant beauty, howbeit extraordinary, is not the only perk that the Mykonos Riviera luxury hotel, proffers.

Blending Cycladic minimalism with one off designer furniture, the finest local white marbles, original artwork and avant garde, 5 star amenities, the brand new Mykonos Riviera luxury villas & suites complex, offer utmost privacy, maximal discretion and the ultimate in indulgent living.

All sporting heated private pools or jacuzzis, and some of them even boasting their own private gym and Spa, as well as outdoor bbq’s and state of the art kitchens, the Mykonos Riviera luxury villas, maisonettes and suites with pool close to Mykonos Town may accommodate from three to nine guests, in inimical style and comfort.


Easy living at the Mykonos Riviera luxury villas, maisonettes and suites with pool close to Mykonos Town


And whilst being a most exclusive home away from home, the Mykonos Riviera Resort is also the place to see and be seen, get superbly pampered and wine and dine in voguish elegance. Sample creative Greko-Mediteranean flavors prepared with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients at Lafs Restaurant in front of the sensational Tourlos Marina; have a signature cocktail or two at the pool bar whilst gazing at the famous sunset; spoil yourselves rotten at the oasis of the wondrous Oqua Spa; work on your bikini body at the fully equipped gym; or simply work on your tan and rub shoulders with the beau monde at the 200 sqm infinity pool: Nothing short of spectacular, this is an architectural masterpiece with special visual props and a no boundary effect. Employing edible delights, the red carpet approach and designer ingenuity, the Mykonos Riviera complex of luxury villas, maisonettes and suites with pool close to Mykonos Town, immerses its lucky visitors into pure bliss. Much more than yet another opulent resort, the Mykonos Riviera Hotel, is an experience to be savored and remembered in the years to come. Will you do yourselves a much deserved favor?

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