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Step into the world of Mykonos Riviera and enjoy your most anticipated private holidays in Mykonos!

July 14, 2020

Every year when the first colours of spring make their appearance, you can feel the life returning back to the island of Mykonos that is getting ready to welcome its guests for another wonderful summer season. The smell of the fresh paint in the narrow alleyways of picturesque Mykonos town, the boats arriving with happy familiar faces who are back to offer their warm smile and services to Mykonos’ visitors for another season, the pleasant “noise” from the construction and renovation works rushed to be finished on time. It is this time of the year, after a relaxing winter, after the island has recovered from the hustle and bustle of the past season, that any reserved energy is supplied to add the last touches before it opens its “doors” again to its fine friends. Mykonos is indeed one of the most popular and cosmopolitan destinations worldwide, attracting numerous visitors who travel from the four corners of the earth, to feel the vibe of this unique paradise. As expected it can get really packed! But what if you discovered that the private holidays in Mykonos you have always been looking for, are now an option!

Your private holidays in Mykonos begin at Mykonos Riviera!

“In a world where everyone is overexposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery…” Mykonos will seduce you, there is no doubt about it. A legendary island where you can find everything you want to experience  on your perfect vacation and promises to captivate even the most demanding visitors of you. It’s not only the landscape, the warm hospitality you will get, the services, its people, the endless days and nights; it is also the feeling you get from being together in the middle of the Aegean sea with guests from all over the world for many of which visiting Mykonos is a lifetime plan. And don’t be surprised if while lying on your luxury sunbed at Nammos or Scorpios -the hub of celebrities and jet-setters, you meet your favourite pop-star playing hide and seek with the paparazzi. Imagine though, being in the centre of the world while having the comfort to spend your holidays in full privacy when choosing to stay at Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa.


Book one of our luxury accommodations and enjoy worry-free private holidays in Mykonos!

Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa is a really unique property. Located a few minutes away from Mykonos town, the hotel allows you to always be close to the centre of the action and feel the pulse of the island while at the same time it offers you the option of relaxing in its premises away from prying eyes.


A large selection of luxury suites, maisonettes and villas are cleverly designed to provide the comfort and privacy that you need more than ever. Your private holidays in Mykonos start with a warm welcome on arrival followed by a private check-in process where our dedicated experienced staff will provide you with all the necessary information about the hotel, as well as assist you to plan your program with all the must things to do and see during your stay. You will then be escorted privately to your accommodation where the magic starts as soon as you set eyes upon the luxury accommodation that will host you for the next days. Your private nest, equipped with everything you will need. All luxury suites, maisonettes and villas boast a spacious indoor area, with a separate living room, ensuring your privacy in case you are travelling with family or friends and need some alone time. A large private terrace decorated with chic furniture will make you feel like home. It can be your ultimate choice on a lazy day if just want to relax by your private pool and do nothing. And if you still want more and are looking for the absolute privacy, Mykonos Riviera will surprise you! Our Signature 2 bedroom spa pool suites are designed to offer you everything, coming with a private gym and a mini-spa so that you share every moment only with those you want.


Live your private holidays in Mykonos and spoil yourself with our room service options that will offer you the absolute comfort to have everything at your own private space.

Start in the morning with a rich breakfast in bed comprised from your preferred choices from our breakfast menu and continue your day with colourful cocktails made by our mixologist and mediterranean bites by our Executive Chef. You have nothing to do but ring us your desire and jump into your pool or sunbathe while reading your book listening to your favourite music through the Marshall bluetooth speakers you will find at your suite. The Mykonos Riviera team will make sure to bring freshly made delicacies to you quickly right at your door respecting all special health and safety requirements. And if you feel that sunsets are all the same, then try the most romantic private experience; share a glass of champagne with your special one at your private outdoor hot tub and watch the most spectacular orange-pink sunset you have ever witnessed. We promise you will remember this moment forever! When the evening comes, whether you have returned from a full day of partying on the beach clubs and just need to relax at your privacy or you have celebrated a special moment that you wish to share with your one and only, Mykonos Riviera offers you a variety of options for personalised dining at your own suite. Our spacious suites with their beautiful outdoor barbeque setup are ideal for a BBQ experience with your personal chef cooking exclusively for you, or the sommelier awakening your senses with a private wine tasting of greek varieties under the Mykonian starlit sky. But if you feel even more romantic, we will be happy to set up a candlelight dinner by your private pool for those special occasions that you are only looking for the best.


Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa is here to listen to your needs and wishes. Your privacy and comfort are very important to us. So when the time comes to decide your next destination, contact us to arrange your best private holidays in Mykonos!

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