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Romance in Mykonos? Discover the other side of the island that always surprises with its tremendous choices.

October 9, 2020

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“Love is in the air everywhere I look around…every sight and every sound…in the whisper of the tree…in the thunder of the sea…in the rising of the sun…when the day is nearly done”. A very popular song, dedicated to love and it’s magic  power to be found anywhere, describes in the best way your perfect getaway for romance, the island of Mykonos. Famous for its nightlife, beach clubs and vivid life, Mykonos, the island that never sleeps, always has a way to surprise its guests embracing even the most romantic souls. Whether you are a honeymooner or on vacay with your soulmate, explore what the island has to offer and get the chance to feel the romance in Mykonos.


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Turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches in a setting of exceptional beauty await you to experience your most idyllic moments of romance in Mykonos.

Mykonos’ gorgeous, crystal clear sea waters can be found at almost every beach on the island. Beside the popular beach spots that Mykonos is known for, the places to see and be seen which gather hundreds of fans every summer, there are some hidden treasures known only to a few. A choice of secluded beaches, small gulfs, surrounded by rocks offering the privacy you are looking for and to help you feel relaxed. Beaches that offer you the convenience you need to enjoy the water and the views with your lover. The beaches of Agios Sostis, Agios Ioannis, Loulos, Lia are but a few of the options you have for a most romantic beach getaway with easy access; just choose your favorite vehicle to move around and “jump” into the most intimate spots on the island.


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Discover the romance in Mykonos around the island but also in its heart, the picturesque and charming Mykonos town.

Life in Mykonos is beautiful; wherever you turn your eyes there is always something fascinating to see. The Aegean sea views, the atmosphere, the people, the palette of blue and white colours of Mykonian architecture, the vibe of the island. But there is also its other side that makes it more charming to the eyes of those wishing to explore its more secret parts. For the incurably romantics, Mykonos can be a heaven of romance. With its breathtaking sunsets; usually pink skies, sometimes orange, you can only fall in love with the beauty of the colourful scenery. If you belong to the travellers who seek for the most amazing sunset spots, try a visit to the Lighthouse, a place where wild beauty meets romance in Mykonos for a most memorable evening. No matter what, do not miss the vibrant feeling of a kiss in the summer breeze at the Little Venice and the Windmills at the beautiful capital of the island Mykonos town, and capture the photo of your summer.


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For your most private moments of romance in Mykonos, choose for your stay the newest luxury hotel on the island, Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa, the place where hospitality meets your most intimate dreams.

When it comes to your accommodation, Mykonos is a paradise of choices covering every possible taste. Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa has come to offer everything you need for an authentic Mykonian hospitality experience filled with moments of excitement and romance.

Whether you wish to enjoy moments of romance in the comfort of your room or take advantage of the impeccable facilities, there is always an option for you to share with your special one. The hotel is cleverly designed to offer you an array of accommodation options with special amenities to accompany your Mykonos days and nights with luxury, privacy and convenience. Spacious suites with all the comforts you can expect to enjoy, the most amazing sunsets from your private outdoor hot tub or pool with a glass of champagne or an assortment of mediterranean delicacies. Fully equipped terraces with the most dramatic views for a private candlelit dinner of your dreams to celebrate your honeymoon or the special occasion when you expect to hear the most desirable “I do”. And when you wish to get out of your accommodation, why not spend some quality time exploring the facilities and the life inside the hotel. Mykonos Riviera has luxury spa facilities in the Oqua Spa, a true haven of relaxation, where you can try a couples’ treatment in a cabin created to host rejuvenating massages with your partner.That’s not all. Enjoy the benefits of mineral-rich water in a private session at the spacious Thalassotherapy indoor heated pool.


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Romance can be found in many places but sunsets are to be seen at our pool area. Sip your favourite cocktail and nibble on canapés while enjoying the sunset with the sound of saxophone at the breathtaking Mykonos Riviera pool sunset bar. As the sky changes from day to night, the magnificent views and the colours never fail to impress.

And if you are looking for even more excitement, our experienced concierge staff will assist you in arranging a lifetime experience; a private cruise around the island to secluded beaches, an inspirational photo shooting during sunset or for the more adventurous a helicopter flight to see the beauties of Mykonos from above or visit a nearby island.

Love is everywhere in the air of Mykonos island but your romance in Mykonos starts and ends at your favourite luxury hotel, Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa.

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