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Step into the world of Mykonos Riviera and enjoy your most anticipated private holidays in Mykonos!

July 14, 2020

Every year when the first colours of spring make their appearance, you can feel the life returning back to the island of Mykonos that is getting ready to welcome its guests for another wonderful summer season. The smell of the fresh paint in the narrow alleyways of picturesque Mykonos town, the boats arriving with happy familiar faces who are back to offer their warm smile and services to Mykonos’ visitors for another season, the pleasant “noise” from the construction and renovation works rushed to be finished on time. It is this time of the year, after a relaxing winter, after the island has recovered from the hustle and bustle of the past season, that any reserved energy is supplied to add the last touches before it opens its “doors” again to its fine friends. Mykonos is indeed one of the most popular and cosmopolitan destinations worldwide, attracting numerous visitors who travel from the four corners of the earth, to feel the vibe of this unique paradise. As expected it can get really packed! But what if you discovered that the private holidays in Mykonos you have always been looking for, are now an option!

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Warm your soul under the Greek sun at the best rooms and suites in Mykonos town

June 24, 2020

Life is full of little surprises. No matter what, making the most out of it is the best we can do, being open to the life lessons we get from the unexpected. And there is always something that comes to remind us of the need to appreciate every single moment of our lives and to learn to enjoy life more. Meeting new people, trying different experiences, discovering new places; making a step out of our comfort zone. “Experiences are necessary for growth; travel is good for the soul”. Travelling is indeed the most joyful gift to ourselves, a healing treatment to our inner peace of mind. Beautiful landscapes, endless sandy beaches, crystal waters, colourful cocktails, moments under the stars with your beloved ones. Here is where we come; to invite you to our paradise, the island of Mykonos. After all, heaven is a place on earth and you can discover it staying at the best rooms and suites in Mykonos town.

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Dreaming of a holiday at the Riviera hotel Mykonos might just be the perfect psychological antidote to the coronavirus blues

April 8, 2020

Times are strange, if not downright harsh. But we have to believe that we shall overcome the coronavirus crisis too. Humankind has shown remarkable resilience throughout the aeons, after all. Until then we need to stay home, however. And keep our spirits up. At the moment the Greek government is spearheading efforts of containing the contagion with a range of strict but necessary measures. We are far from being in the clear, but news from our country (and the world, at that!) are cautiously optimistic.

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