All day dining with
unparalleled views


A favorite of energetic early birds and glamorous night owls alike, the Pool Club right by the glistening infinity pool is the ideal outdoor, sea view spot to relax and unwind all day long.


Choose from an extensive casual all-day menu filled with Greek-Mediterranean inspired bites to tempt all. Feel guilt-free to tuck into light dishes, fresh salads, and inspired local mezes ; or get invigorated with an inspiring signature cocktail. Spend gloriously leisurely moments in the company of family and friends, old and new alike. There are no fixed agendas here; go about as your mood strikes you.


Join the famed Mykonian sunset ritual; take in the scenic panorama; enjoy romantic vibes and the fun-packed atmosphere, curated by live DJ or saxophone sets. Engage in people watching whilst having a pre-dinner drink 'when the sun goes down'; savor a canapés before you hit the town or late-night signature cocktails with the sound of the waves in the background under the Mykonian starry sky.